Hopes In Between the Nakba and al-Quds Day

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Palestinians on 15 May marked the Nakba Day; back in 1948, the exodus and slaughter of millions of Palestinians was commenced when UK-backed Zionist guerillas invaded their country. Soon afterwards, a hybrid, occupying entity rose, ever violating international law and imprisoning thousands of Palestinians, not excluding women and children, constructing more settlements, and suffocating the West Bank. Continually enforcing security measures and annexing more lands, the occupiers are shattering the Palestinian dream of a united and an independent state.

As the US and international community overlooked what was happening, a new reality was then made, and no official Israeli-Palestinian agreements were abided by. Things developed when the US blatantly offered an offending deal, which would force the Palestinians to give up on their basic rights and their capital, the Holy al-Quds, as well as their right to return to their occupied hometowns. In return, money and prizes would be paid by the Gulf States, creating a new slavery market where homelands are sold out and history is faked to please criminal Zionist guerrillas!

That is while the Americans wish to get rid of the burden of supporting and protecting these guerillas as soon as possible; the current US and global circumstances no longer permit to keep standing by a well-armed country, nor to spend money from the budgets of US citizens, millions of whom have lost their jobs lately. The US today battles the worst health crisis ever since it rose – with so many diseased or deceased, and with limited capacity to curb the pandemic.  

And here is Al-Quds International Day, just one week apart from the Nakba Day. Back when Iran’s Islamic Revolution was led in 1979, (now late) Imam Khomeini called on the world to enliven this day. And so it is today a global event marked by Muslims and non-Muslims, who consolidate with the Palestinian cause and the right to resist until 70 years of theft are ended and all possessions are reclaimed…

Between the walk of pain and the dawn of hopes is a struggle story, and it is still alight.


                                                                                              The Editors