Canadian Commends Lebanese Minister of Public Health Hamad Hassan, Minister Responds

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Lebanese Minister of Public Health Hamad Hassan has recently received a letter praising his and the Lebanese Health Ministry’s arduous work and taking pride in that.

Written in English and French by Montreal’s young Lebanese-Canadian Carine Wassim  Ballouk, the letter was appreciated by Minister Hassan, who found it “decorous and impartial, showing sincere patriotism and unprejudiced picturing of the ministry’s generally distinguished line of action.”

“I’d like to show appreciation to her wonderful, enthusiastic and decorous words, and I take pride in that, too,” said the MP.

Received on 1 May 2020, the letter reads:

“Before having the opportunity to know you as minister of health, I had the honor to know you as the mayor of municipality. And even before that, I had heard people talk about your honest and sincere work in your laboratory.

I haven’t had the opportunity to see you, but I have heard about all your beneficial projects you have organized for our city. Today, as a Lebanese Canadian who currently lives in Canada, I have the honor to say that I am truly proud that a respectful and honest man like you represents my city, more importantly my country. Lebanon is a country that I lost hope of living in, a country that has appeared dead, without a prospect for the future, so much that its people seem to have lost hope. As a Canadian who had always believed that Canada was more secure than Lebanon, I am happy to say that I was wrong.

Lebanese people have spread all around the world, and those who haven’t been in their native country for years are now planning on returning to their childhood country and place of birth since the minister is offering them security and bringing back hope of living in a decent country. You took your precautions very early, compared to other countries’, and a lot of people thought that was excessive, but I’m telling you, you did the right thing. You were able to defeat the virus and make our country an example for other countries, which until today, haven’t got rid of this virus.

What could be better than belonging to a victorious country?! Today, dear minister, all walk with their head held high, looking proudly at the world and calling out loud: I am Lebanese! Yes, thanks to you, we are now proud that we belong to this country after having denied our identity for a long time. Today, Mr. Minister, I tell you that we are delighted with you. I will never find enough words to tell you about the pride that’s in my heart and in every Lebanese’s living abroad.

Thank you for representing my country, our country!

Thank you for being here! Thank you, Minister Hamad Hassan”.