Will IMF Aid Lebanon for Free?

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Today, Lebanon’s economy and living are growing much worse, and the national currency’s dramatically falling before the $US. It is feared that the Lebanese government’s acceptance to resort to a seemingly only choice, the International Monetary Fund, might be a trap set by major global powers, which are aware their former allies in power have exercised all kinds of corruption, theft and unproductivity, changing productive economy into one depending on banks, services and benefits. 

The economy mentioned has been making incredible profits off investing in treasury bills, which have drained the Lebanese savers’ money, including the biggest savers, Lebanese foreigners. Today, it is sufferance for them; their money’s held in banks, and they are facing strict international monitoring that’s even preventing them from making international transactions.

That is, the US is conducting measures to besiege Lebanon’s resistance following the latter’s rising competitiveness that’s been ruining the US/Israel plans for the region. The US measures also come after Israel’s occupying military directed all kinds of wars and military operations to hit the resistance, and after proxies and mercenaries from terrorist organisations like ISIL and an-Nusra did their part, too.

Thus for the US, this is the only choice left for now: besieging, impoverishing and starving the Lebanese, just like what’s being done to Ghaza, Iran and Venezuela, and what had been being done formerly to Cuba and Korea… So will the international will, represented by the IMF, manage to impose political conditions on the Lebanese government? Will it make people falsely cast blame on certain politicians for the economic predicament, insolvency and sufferance of all Lebanese sects?

And onward, will that international plan make the Lebanese get rid of the regionally-influential resistance and its arms? Or is it going to prolong this social catastrophe until the social order and security are blasted? That, in fact, is what the resistance wouldn’t want to happen, especially when Lebanon is a very complicated mixture of sects, faiths and politics…

Eventually, is the current US administration going to fulfill Israel’s dream and continuous pursuit: Exterminating a great enemy before the next elections? Or is military escalation going to put aside all expectations and agreements? And isn’t that going to reshape the entire region?                                                  The Editors